Sylvain Mareschal, Ph.D.
Bio-informaticien indépendant
July 24, 2012 at 22:00
ODB 1.1.1
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The goal of this package is to access OpenOffice databases via R, to process data stored in it or to automatize their building from scratch or updating. It can be downloaded on the CRAN website. A new version was published on July 23th 2012, see this article for further details.

The last version of the ODB package i published last year is now available on the CRAN, and via the install.packages utility.

The complete update list can be consulted in R using the news(package="ODB") call, or on this CRAN webpage. To make brief, essentially some compatibility updates : removal of the XML package dependency (hard to find compiled on Windows, hard to configure on Linux and error-rising on Mac OS, the perfect package ...), better usage of the OS zip command and some last minute changes in encodings to keep Solaris compatibility.