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July 22, 2014 at 11:16
Welcome !
Welcome on my professional blog. You will find here various stuff related to my work as a junior bioinformatician, from my published work to "turn-key" code or tutorials.

Articles are sorted by chronological order, so click on an element of the timeline at the top of the page to go back or forth in time. You can also click on a category name to filter articles, or fill the "search" input and hit "Enter" to locate a specific resource.

As a french guy working in an english-speaking field, most of the articles I publish here are written in english. However some of my works are too heavily bound to the french language to be translated (articles containing french resources or primarly written in french to an other purpose), so keep an eye on the "en" and "fr" categories to filter on this point.

Take also a look at my personnal blog if you want some more.